Air Jordan 1 Mid Denim

Air Jordan 1 Mid Denim 2021

The Air Jordan 1 Mid has become the punchline of the many jokes over the last decade, but the last year has brought the model notable attention. While some newfound fandom has surely been the results of its taller counterpart’s spike in both popularity and after-marketing pricing, recent believers of the Mid are drawn by the sneaker’s own merits.

Historically, the planning has been less hesitant to experiment than the tallest Air Jordan 1, donning everything from disco ball-inspired paneling to paint palettes outside of Michael Jordan’s basketball legacy and private life. For its most up-to-date ensemble, the middle-trim of #23’s first signature sneaker ostensibly looks back to 2008 because it appears with a denim base overlaid with red fabric swaths à la Levi’s “23/501” collaboration from 2008. The rugged jean material forgoes any elephant print in favor of a typical , faintly-striped light blue arrangement. Stitching along the mid-foot, profile swooshes, collar lining and branding round the ankle area enjoys stark tan contrast, rather almost like the 13-year-old joint-effort with the aforementioned American denim institution. Metal grommets and red tabs don’t reappear on the upcoming retro, but their omission don’t keep the pair from delivering a compelling new combat Peter Moore’s iconic design.

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